SEO and PR need to integrate

There's a huge gap in the market for SEO-savvy PR teams right now.

Digital PR and SEO are so close that it's a wonder more people haven't joined the dots, particularly in regards to linkbuilding. On both sides, though, there's a problem:

  • PR professionals aren't familiar with the lasting power of SEO, and see keywords as a complication to copy that they don't need. They may even see SEO as a competing channel.
  • Digital agencies are often stuck in bad linkbuilding practices which stack low-quality links high, and see PR involvement as a complication or competing channel - see a link there?

Thing is, SEO and PR are a linkbuilding match made in heaven. The workflow I've proposed to clients (which for the above reasons hasn't transpired) would look like this:

  1. SEO team identify link prospects from the usual  research
  2. They prioritise prospects based on quality and relevance
  3. PR team is armed with suitable keywords and the best site page to link to
  4. PR team uses their 1st class outreach ability to attract coverage or write free articles for that site

Moz's PR and SEO workflow in the link above is even more refined, and one you should take to a marketing director at once.

This is all too easy to sync up. There's no excuse not to chase it.

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