Insect Micro-sound

There was a story about Aphex Twin recording the sound of an insect crawling into a tap. I never heard the sound, but I liked to imagine the close-up made for long reverberating clicks and curious sub woofs.

Knowing more about physics now, I know that description couldn't technically happen from a small ant going into a small tap, but Richard Devine (considered on-par with Aphex for his sound design wizardry) uploaded a sample of a strange insect he found on his drive way. At 50 seconds, the thing starts screeching in a way I haven;'t heard since classic 90s show Saved by the Bell:

The creature, a Velvet Ant, is in fact a type of wasp. It got me curious, and a quick search on Soundcloud led me to this sample of a bee:

More insect recordings please, people. There's so many tiny sounds you could pull from this kind of recording. I'd be interested to hear them down-sampled till they get real deep. There's an innovative bass line hiding in there somewhere...

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