Facebook ads are very often a very good thing.

For every scare story about Facebook ads "creepy" targeting, there's a thousand more of how it changed the life of a business owner, who can, if they wish, advertise around the world at a fair price. Millions more are seeing ads that are increasingly relevant to them and their needs - if not, it's a failure on the advertisers' part.

Good advertisers are putting products that the audience needs or wants right in their path. Sure, it's never going to be perfect, but it's a worthy dream and one that Facebook (and in the last generation, Google search ads) have brought us a lot closer to.

Remember TV ads? Remember feeling like it was four minutes of irrelevant drivel?

We're moving past that, and Facebook deserves credit for connecting normal people with companies across the spectrum, all the way down to small local boutiques who in yesteryear rarely had a chance to find scale. It's changing the fortunes of thousands of people, including me. I started a small digital marketing agency from rural Wiltshire three years ago, and now help with digital strategy for everyone from pop singers to luxury travel. Gone are the days of scraping by in a bid to monetise my hobbies. Facebook, by far the most effective ad platform my company has ever worked with, changed that for me and many others.

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