From creative writing to creative marketing

I just realised my whole biography and personal profile is way out of date, so it's worth putting on record what has changed for me over the past year after freelancing for my entire adult life.

What has changed

  1. I do proper marketing and business development for Rooster and We Make Awesome Sh, two wildly different agencies which are growing faster than I can describe here.
  2. I'm getting married this summer. 
  3. Suddenly I like fitness and fashion. 

I still write for Wired, but solo journalism is behind me. I hit all my ambitions as a writer inside two years, and I prefer to be faced with a real challenge. That's the only way to keep improving.

My skill, and passion, is generating traffic. Writing was a great vessel for that, and throwing myself into environments where I learn every other aspect of marketing has been transformative.

That's just my work; life is good, and I spend so much more time with my girlfriend and kids. Learning to focus on what is important is so much better than being fooled by urgency. 

Something else that has come to the fore is my interest in psychology. Understanding the behaviour of myself and others around me continues to improve every corner of my life, and in my view, makes me a better marketer.

This was good. I miss blogging.

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