Comparing code courses for Wired UK

I had three goals for 2012:

  1. Write for the Guardian
  2. Write for Wired
  3. Appear in a magazine

The first happened in February, but for most of the year I've been busy covering rock news for Ultimate Guitar. Which is great, but it's important to push forward with your goals.

Fortunately the last two were wrapped up in one turn, and just before the year is out. Today my work appeared in Wired UK for the first time on page 140 of the current issue. If you subscribe to Wired you will see more reviews from me which are currently 'in the queue'.

Here's a little snap of the Matrix-esque design (which I love, the first Matrix was a huge influence on my interests years ago):

Oh, and thanks to Adam Howard at We Make Awesome Sh for supplying the awesome code in the background!

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