At The Drive-In reunite. I react.

At The Drive-In reunite. I react.

The band that changed my life is coming back from the dead.

But there was a problem. Upon the cover was a sweating, wide-eyed lion of a man with an afro to match. Jesus Christ. I can't get into this, I thought. This is not for me.

With the same issue was a CD, and I grew to like much of it. But only one song really affected me. It wasn't emotional, nor was it a lyrical connection. It was the energy. My heart raced, and I wanted to jump and jab out my arms and stamp on everything. Sometimes I did. It was 'Pattern Against User' by At The Drive-In.

Relationship of Command was that feeling for almost an hour. It was their last and most aggressive release. Their previous records, notably Vaya and in/CASINO/OUT opened my eyes to the world of emo. True emotional hardcore, that is - nothing with black makeup or tattoos. Just great, heartfelt songwriting in a punk gown. Real emotional hardcore, as it should be.

I wanted to see them live so I could spazz out to this music freely, albeit with respect (because moshing was a big no-no at their shows), but as a 14 or 15-year-old, my mum wouldn't allow it. Maybe I just didn't know how to explain how much I loved them. This remains a regret.

But their split - rumoured to be in a haze of heroin and inter-member sex - left their legion of fans devastated. 

The first website I became addicted to was their forum. I remember the mourning, which sounds ridiculous, but we congregated there because we so adored them.

Thankfully the first Mars Volta EP and album were just as energetic, and Sparta were a great live band. We got over the split, and moved on with our lives. I went to uni, had two children, and morphed all the way to being a journalist.

When I read today that the band were reforming, I didn't believe it. I started tweeting people to point out that it was a hoax. 

Then Jim Ward retweeted it. 

Why would Jim Ward, guitarist of ATDI, retweet a fake message?

It became clear this was official. My girlfriend was calling me for dinner, but I couldn't miss this unfold. Everything about my teenage years came flooding back, and even now my heart races like it did in my bedroom back in 2000.

So they're playing Coachella, according to Antiquiet. They'll probably play other gigs. Better now, by their mid-30s, than when they're too old to spazz out like the old days. Maybe they're selling out and need the money.

I don't care.

I just want to be 15 again.

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