AI posts you missed this week - July 5th

Here's the latest bookmarks from a week where posts increasingly defy category. Websim is spilling across every domain, and prompt hacks blur into indie R&D exploring LLM's conceptual boundaries. Equally, it's fun seeing different disciplines and directions of exploration bleed in to each other, and a sign of acceleration. Let's go!


Keyframes make it easier to direct AI video generation. This is the cleanest example and looks absolutely up to standard for a kid's TV show:

Lots of music exploration in Websim this week:

More music, this time in StableAudio:

3D game generation keeps popping up in my feed, often in Websim. This one I think is purely Claude Sonnet 3.5, with generative textures. I assume our only limit to immersive live gaming is compute:


Moshi beats OpenAI to the real time voice game:

Then of course Pliny enters the chat. Turns out Moshi has a real potty mouth:

Janus pushing the limits on Claude. I've always been curious about the abstractions a model works through and this may give us at least a transposition of how that model sits:

Anthropic sharing maps of concepts and abstractions:

Supermaven getting high praise from coders and just bumped up to a 1 million token context window:

DeepSeek-Coder-V2 finds the sweet spot on performance and cost:

Self-organising AI neurons. The results claim a model can learn from experiences, building up randomly connected nodes from an empty network:


Fix that messy download folder with Gemma 2:

The llmsys leaderboard, formerly an authority on model performance, keeps being questioned for its reliability and whether the chart is being gamed. Here's an alternative. My takeaway: time to test Phi-3 on my MacBook:

Not a tweet but this fantastic tool, Jina Reader, converts any webpage to LLM-friendly markdown. Just enter[] . Thanks Mike Taylor for the tip:

Reader API
Read URLs or search the web, get better grounding for LLMs.

Nice approach for exploring possible paths in prompting:


YouTubers have found websim. This is the tipping point for spilling further into the mainstream, as video producers in this space inevitably copy each other for new content to squeeze:

Explore the planet in 3D:

Turns out integrating HTMX (which I understand takes the real time nature of React back to an in-line HTML approach) gives Websim mad potential:


Roko observes that our theoretical concerns about AI have already played out in a different context: industrial civilisation racing ahead of our ability to align it:

Seb with the four horsemen of the AI-pocalypse:

There is a fine line between alignment and lobotomy:

And with that lobotomy comes attack vectors:

And finally, Biden's Brian suggests the Presidential debate has set a new bar that next gen AI can comfortably clear:

Enjoy your week, and ping @TomDavenport on twitter if you find something worth adding next week.

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